Plate-Loaded ISO-Unilateral Seated Row

Plate-Loaded ISO-Unilateral Seated Row

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The Plate-Loaded ISO-Lateral Low Row is one of the best exercises for strengthening your back and midsection. This exercise allows you to target both sides of your body at once, giving you a more even strength development on each side.

The adjustable range of motion makes it easy to customize the movement for any individual's size and fitness level, enabling a deeper range of motion and increased muscle activation. The machine's independent weight horns also allow for diverging and converging motions, allowing you to achieve the most out of each workout.

With its intricate design and comfortable build, the Plate-Loaded ISO-Lateral Low Row is one of the best exercises available in Equipt’s Q1 Series.

  • Targets both sides of the body for even strength development
  • Adjustable range of motion for all fitness levels and sizes
  • Independent weight horns enable diverging and converging motions
  • Increased muscle activation with a deeper range of motion
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